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Name:The Eternal City
Location:Roma, Italy
Posting Access:All Members
ROME. All roads lead to it. Suppose that's literally true and folks from various cities, worlds, and times can be walking down the street, minding their own business, then finding themselves in the Forum. Nearby is information kiosk operated by the most helpful (and multi-lingual) agent in the history of tourism, who gives a rundown of where you are and suggestions for things to do.

Of course since this particular Rome is also literally "The Eternal City" the Forum's restored to its former glory, as is every single old "ruin". This is not to say modern Rome isn't also existing concurrently. Chariots share the streets with Fiats and Vespas, which makes the unpredictable traffic even more entertaining to navigate.

Go on, explore, grab a pizza at a trattoria before catching a race at the Circus Maximus, or take the Metro to the Colosseum and sign yourself up for a gladitorial contest. Want to go home? No problem, find a road out of town and get re-deposited on your doorstep. Just remember to toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain before you go, so that one day you'll be able to return...


Eternal City is a panfandom roleplay dressing room. The rules are as follows:
1. The obligatory "don't be an asshole" rule. Treat others with respect, don't get banned, it's that simple. Please report any assholes here.
2. If a post contains explicit material such as smut or excessive violence, please give it a content notice.
3. You are allowed to post with ANY character from ANY canon, including OCs, AUs, characters with game history, and of course duplicates because it's a DR and that's how it works.
4. It's more advice than an actual rule but HAVE FUN!
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